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26 March 2009

Future Topic

I'm sure my readers have noticed I don't follow any sort of schedule or topic list in my postings, after all I did call it Random Bytes :) One of the postings I plan on doing Real Soon™ is about Ivy and what they call configurations. Unfortunately the documentation really isn't all that clear nor easy to grok. It took me almost a week of looking through examples and reading the docs to really understand how it all works. I'm hoping that by blogging about it someone will be helped. That will probably be one of the next posts I do. I would like to take a look at Gradle, a build system, yes another one, for Java/Groovy. I saw it before and glanced at it for a sec and was interested in learning more but I haven't had the time yet. My good friend Dan Allen (if you're reading this Dan, I hope you don't mind) had a tweet about it a couple of days ago from when he was at TJSS, that just made me more interested. I'm still working on the SeamTest man pages, and they're coming along nicely, maybe a few more weeks until I'll have a first draft ready to go. I'm also trying to fit in some coding on DBunit (dbunit.sourceforge.net) to allow it to handle schema and table creates and drops, something that it is sorely lacking. Judging by the talk on the dev list this will probably be something that goes into a 3.0 release along with some major refactorimg of the code base. There you have it, a rough outline of things to come on my blog.

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