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28 March 2009

Stay At The Hospital

I know I said I would blog about Ivy first but we had some other stuff that happened after that last post. My wife started to have really bad pain on her mid-section on Thursday night around 10pm or so that kept intensifying. We were worried it might be her appendix so we went into the ER. Neither of us really like hospitals but sometimes it's just best to go. Anyway we sat there in the ER room, not the lobby, for about 30 minutes until someone to came see us. I could be wrong, but I don't think they were that busy. The whole point of this post is just to rant about being in an emergency and not being able to get any help. Very, very annoying. We found out that she has gall stones and will need to have her hall bladder out :( Bad way to end a week, but it's been a bad couple of weeks. Here's to hoping for a better one next week.

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